Housing Digest 030- Don't give up, even at the last minute. When buying or investing in a home, you need to be competitive!🏑

Housing Digest 029- Save MONEY every month and raise the VALUE of your home with these 3 upgrades!🏑

Housing Digest 028- How low can you go? Well, let's see what we can do about the down payment!🏑

Housing Digest 027- How much are you paying UNCLE SAM?! As a business owner, entrepreneur, or just being self employed in general, you want to prepare and be SMART!🏑

Housing Digest Episode 024- HUGE NEWS! We decided to have housing workshops for those that need them!🏑

Housing Digest Episode 026- Got MONEY?! We're talking mattress money. Whether it's in a safe, vault, or under your mattress.🏑

Housing Digest Episode 023- January is important for anyone looking to make something housing related happen for the year!🏑

Housing Digest Episode 025- Shut Down! So the government has been shut down, how does this affect housing?!🏑

Housing Digest Episode 022: What is Housing Digest? It's how you can stay up to date with the housing market!🏑