The House Hacker Podcast is all things housing, from programs and options to help home buyers and home owners, to top producing real estate agents background and experience.

Listen to interviews, program updates, housing market news, interest rate forecasts, and much more.

All things housing with your host itsOscvr.

A 5 OUT OF 5

Learning ALOT!- I love that the basics of buing a home and what goes into it is being covered. Excited to see what else is coming!
— Willie M.
Amazing Podcast!- This podcast educates you on what the housing is all about and how it works. I’m telling you, i’m getting educated and highly recommend this awesome podcast.
— Mario R.
This is your Go To Guy!- Oscar has always came from a place of contribution. Very knowledgable in what he and his team do. Thank you Oscar!
— Jaqueline A.